IPO 2018

Admicom Corporation’s First North IPO 1/26/2018 – 2/2/2018

Name of the marketplace has been updated on September 1, 2019: Based on the application of Nasdaq Helsinki Oy (the stock exchange), the Financial Supervisory Authority has registered the stock exchange’s current Nasdaq First North Finland market share as a growth market for SMEs.


The IPO of Admicom Corporation (“Admicom” or the “Company”) has ended. The subscription period for the IPO began on January 26, 2018. The IPO was oversubscribed several times, as a result of which the Company decided to suspend the subscription period of the IPO on February 1, 2018 at 16:00 in accordance with the terms of the IPO.

In the IPO, Admicom issued a total of 520,000 new shares of the Company (the “Issue Shares”) to institutional investors in Finland (the “Issue”), to individuals and entities in Finland (the “Issue”) and to the personnel of the Company and its wholly owned subsidiaries (the “Issue”).

The share subscription price in the Public and Institutional Issues was EUR 9.80 per share and in the Personnel Issue EUR 8.85 per share. The company’s gross income from the IPO is estimated to be approximately EUR 5 million before deducting the fees and expenses related to the IPO. The funds raised in the IPO will be used primarily to support the implementation of acquisitions in line with Admicom’s strategy in Finland and abroad by utilizing the funds raised in the IPO and the Company’s shares as a means of payment for corporate reorganisations.

The IPO was oversubscribed approximately 3.9 times, bringing 2,811 new shareholders to the Company. The public offering was oversubscribed 6.4 times, the personnel issue 1.6 times and in the Institutional Offering it was decided to accept both subscriptions of the funds that had given their pre-subscription commitments in full (a total of 153,000 shares). The special investment fund Taaleri Mikro Markka Osake had committed to subscribe for at least 76,500 and eQ Nordic Small Company 76,500 shares in the Institutional Issue. The company will allocate the above amounts to the parties that gave the undertaking.

The allocation of the IPO was as follows:

  • 254,000 Offer Shares to the subscribers of the Public Offering
  • 113,000 Offer Shares to the subscribers of the personnel issue
  • 153,000 Offer Shares to the subscribers of the Institutional Offering

Trading in the Company’s shares began on the First North Finland marketplace (“First North”) maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy on February 9, 2018. The trading code of the shares is ADMCM and the ISIN code is FI4000251830.

Oaklins Merasco Oy operates in the First North market as the Company’s Approved Adviser.

Important dates  
The subscription period for the IPO began 26.1.2018, 9:30 am EET
The subscription was suspended and the subscription period for the Public, Personnel and Institutional Offering ended 1.2.2018, 4 pm EET
The final result of the IPO was announced 5.2.2018
Trading in the Company’s shares began on First North 9.2.2018

Former CEO, Antti Seppä:

“At Admicom, we are very pleased and proud of the strong interest shown by the public, institutions and employees in Admicom. The funds raised will open up even better opportunities for the company’s development. We warmly welcome all investors who participated in the IPO to own Admicom.”

Admicom in brief

Founded in 2004, Admicom is a pioneer in construction, building services and industrial systems development and a comprehensive software and accounting firm partner. The company’s cloud-based SaaS-based Adminet ERP system helps small and medium-sized businesses improve their competitiveness by automating site and office routines seamlessly down to accounting.

Admicom is a fast and profitable growth company, largely owned by employees, with over 90% of its revenue coming from recurring monthly invoicing. The company’s net sales have grown to 8.1 million at an average annual rate of 37% in 2012–2017, with EBITDA rising to 36%. The company has more than 90 employees in its offices in Jyväskylä, Vantaa and Tampere.