Admicom as an investment

Admicom is a pioneer in construction and building services engineering industry systems development and a comprehensive software and accounting partner.

Our software suite includes Admicom Ultima, a highly automated SaaS ERP system, Admicom Flex (formerly Hillava), a precision solution for mobile work management, Admicom Vision (formerly Kotopro), which offers modern solutions for higher quality documentation, and a project management unit whose range of services includes solutions for quantity and cost estimation (Estima and Estima Pro), scheduling (Tempo and Planner, formerly Tocoman Aikataulu) and BIM3 solutions for utilising building information models.

Admicom is a fast-growing and profitable company. Many of our employees are also our share owners. In 2023, our revenue was 34.3 million (+ 8,6 % compared to 2022) with an EBITDA margin of 37.3 %.

Most advanced solutions

  • Cloud services
  • Best practices and highly automated business processes
  • Most extensive solution for customer industries
  • Constant development and regular updates

Superior services

  • Safe maintenance and back ups with minimal downtime
  • High industry expertise
  • Efficiency and reliability
  • Packaged services

Reasons to invest in Admicom


  • Track record of profitable growth (+ 25 % per year on average during the last 5 years)
  • Approximately 93 % of revenue consisted of recurring monthly invoicing in 2023
  • Aiming to maintain growth and profitability for 2024


  • Successful business model, EBITDA 37.3 % in 2023.
  • Aiming to allocate over 50 % of profits as dividend, without risking growth strategy
  • Return on investment 23.2 % in 2023


  • Comprehensive, industry-specific service provider
  • Highly automated and constantly evolving ERP system
  • Solutions that genuinely help customers, e.g. more than 40 centrally maintained supplier price lists