Admicom as an investment

Admicom is a pioneer in construction and building services engineering industry systems development and a comprehensive software and accounting partner.

Our cloud-based Adminet ERP helps small and medium-sized businesses improve their competitiveness by automating site, production and office routines seamlessly down to real-time accounting. The industry-specific software collection also includes Adminet Lite – a software solution for smaller construction and building services engineering companies, Hillava – a mobile work specific ERP-software, Tocoman’s solutions for the construction industry including cost and quantity calculation, scheduling and information modeling, and Kotopro’s advanced document management solutions.

Admicom is a fast-growing and profitable company. Many of our employees are also our share owners. In 2022, our revenue was 31.6 million (+ 27 % compared to 2021) with an EBITDA margin of 45 %.

Most advanced solutions

  • Cloud services
  • Best practices and highly automated business processes
  • Most extensive solution for customer industries
  • Constant development and regular updates

Superior services

  • Safe maintenance and back ups with minimal downtime
  • High industry expertise
  • Efficiency and reliability
  • Packaged services

Reasons to invest in Admicom


  • Track record of profitable growth (+ 30 % per year on average during the last 5 years)
  • Approximately 90 % of revenue consisted of recurring monthly invoicing in 2022
  • Aiming to maintain a strong annual growth rate and profitability for 2023


  • Successful business model, EBITDA 45 % in 2022. Our goal for 2022 is 40–50 %
  • Aiming to allocate over 50 % of profits as dividend, without risking growth strategy
  • Return on investment 29 % in 2022


  • Comprehensive, industry-specific service provider
  • Highly automated and constantly evolving ERP system
  • Solutions that genuinely help customers, e.g. more than 40 centrally maintained supplier price lists