Financial development

The company’s revenue has increased to 31.6 million (+ 27 % compared to 2021) with an EBITDA margin of 45%. The graph below describes the development of Admicom’s revenue and EBITDA in 2018–2022:

Financial goals

In 2023, Admicom estimates that revenue growth will continue and profitability as a whole will be at a strong level. Comparable recurring revenue in 2023 will grow organically by 8-15% and EBITA will be 35-40% of revenue.

Comparable recurring revenue is defined as a sum of recurring software revenue and revenue from recurring accounting services. Admicom’s comparable recurring revenue in 2022 was approximately EUR 28.0 million. EBITA is defined as operating profit before amortization and impairment of group goodwill and goodwill.

Dividend policy

Admicom aims to distribute more than half of its earnings as dividends to its owners, provided that any profit distribution does not jeopardize the growth target set in the strategy or other financial targets.

In the distribution of dividends, all shares are treated equally and entitle to the same dividend.

Key figures

Calculations of financial ratios