The Executive Committee

Updated 10.6.2021

The CEO manages the Company’s business operations in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act and instructions issued by the Board of Directors. The CEO shall oversee the executive management of the company in accordance with instructions and orders given by the Board of Directors and actively protect the company’s interests. The CEO shall also prepare the matters that are to be dealt by the Board of Directors and be responsible for the enforcement of decisions on said matters.

The Executive Committee assists the Chief Executive Officer in the management and coordination of the implementation of the Company’s strategic and operational goals. The present Executive Committee consists of three (3) members, who convene monthly.

Petri Aho

Interim CEO, CFO, MSc. Finance and Economics, b. 1977

Admicom Corporation CFO 2020–, Inderes Oy Partner and Equity Analyst, Member of the Board 2011–2020, Finnish Investment Analysts, Chairman, Vice Chairman 2014–2018, Euler Hermes Key Account Manager 2011–2013, Dividend House Oy Partner and Portfolio Manager 2010–2011 , Sofia Bank Plc Equity Analyst 2008–2010, ABG Sundal Collier Equity Analyst 2008–2008, Evli Bank Plc Equity Analyst 2006–2008, Nordea Investment Management Fund specialist 2005–2006

Shares: 200
Related party shares: –

Anna-Maija Ijäs

Managing Director, Admicom Finland Oy, eMBA (2019-), Business Administration (Financial Administration), b. 1984

Admicom Finland Oy President and CEO 2021-, Admicom Finland Oy Business Area Director (Industry) 2020-2021, Admicom Finland Oy Sales Manager 2017-2020, Mepco Oy (now Accountor HR Solutions Oy) presales 2016–2017, Admicom Oy Training Manager 2011–2016, Itella Information Oy (now Norian) Payroll specialist 2005–2011, Larsen & Salokorpi payroll 2003–2005

Shares: 1,099
Related party shares: –

Miikka Enkovaara

Managing Director, Tocoman Oy, M.Sc. (Econ.), b. 1988

Tocoman Oy President and CEO 2020–, Tocoman Oy Product Development Director 2017–2020, Tocoman Oy CFO 2014–2015, Tocoman Oy Member of the Board 2010–2020, Moor Oy Product Manager 2011–2013

Shares: –
Related party shares: –