Board of Directors

Updated July 11, 2022

Admicom’s Board of Directors is responsible for governing and ensuring that every part of the organisation has adequate resources for the organisation to meet its obligations and fulfill its mission. The Board of Directors have a minimum of five and maximum of seven members. Admicom’s board of directors is elected each year at the annual general meeting.

Admicom’s Board of Directors consists of Petri Niemi, Pasi Aaltola, Henna Mäkinen, Olli Nokso-Koivisto and Marko Somerma. All members of the Board of Directors are independent of the company.

Name Position Year of birth Member of the board since
Petri Niemi
Chairman   2022
Pasi Aaltola Member 1976 2017
Henna Mäkinen
Member   2022
Olli Nokso-Koivisto Member 1984 2021
Marko Somerma Member   2022

Petri Niemi

M.Sc. (Physics)
Chairman of the board of directors

Petri Niemi is a Master of Physics from the Helsinki University of Technology and is the CEO and chairman of G2 Invest Oy. He is also chairman of LeadDesk, Bilot, Next Games, Clausion, Lounea and Wega. Previously Petri has worked as a partner in Capman and has worked for Ericsson, 3Com and Sun Microsystems.

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Pasi Aaltola

b. 1976, PhD (Econ)
Member of the board of directors

Pasi Aaltola is a Doctor of Economics from the University of Jyväskylä and has been director of the EMBA management training programme since 2010. He has worked as an education manager and planner at the University of Jyväskylä from 2000 to 2009. In addition, Pasi has several board memberships in different industries.


Henna Mäkinen

M.Sc. (Econ) 
Member of the Board of Directors

Henna Mäkinen is a Master of Economics from the Turku School of Economics and is currently CFO of Supermetrics. She has also previously served as CFO of Wolt and Ilmatar Windpower. Henna has also worked at KPMG and Nokia. 


Olli Nokso-Koivisto

b. 1984, Ug of science
Member of the Board of Directors 

Olli Nokso-Koivisto is an Undergraduate Student of Science from the University of Helsinki and has been CEO of LeadDesk and a member of the Management Team since 2013. In the past, he has worked for Siili Solutions, as Business Unit Manager & Partner Director and chairman of the Board of Directors of HYY Group. Olli is one of the founders of Beaconsim Oy. 

Marko Somerma

Lic.Sc. (Tech.) 
Member of the Board of Directors 

Marko Somerma is a Licentiate of Technology from the Helsinki University of Technology and currently works as a management consultant. He has previously served as CEO of Siili Solutions and has extensive experience in various management positions in the Rautaruukki Group.