The most advanced ERP system and the most superior service

Admicom’s vision is to be a pioneer in developing ERP solutions for SMEs in selected industries. Our pioneering position is based on cloud-based software (SaaS), which enables comprehensive digitalisation of business processes, automation of routine work, real-time visibility into business development and continuous development. Our target group consists of SMEs in engineering and installations, construction and industrial manufacturing, for which we offer an efficient, fast-deployable, scalable and continuously updated overall solution that takes into account the specificities of industries.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most superior service and value-added partnership, which together with our software solutions create the conditions for them to be more competitive than average in their industry. In addition, we want to be an active and proactive partner in designing future solutions for our customer industries. With our service offering, we ensure our customers smooth and efficient implementation , consultation, continuous operating support, accounting and payroll expert services, up to date contracts, as well as secure data maintenance and backup.

In accordance with our forerunner vision, we also invest in the continuous development of our own personnel’s expertise, industry expertise and remuneration. We encourage staff to have an entrepreneurial and ownership-strengthening culture.

Strategy for 2021-2023

Admicom’s financial targets for the 2021-2023 strategy period are, on average, to increase revenue by more than 20% and to achieve profitability of 40-50% measured by EBITDA. In terms of growth, we aim to achieve the goal both by organic growth in existing core businesses and through a more active acquisition strategy. In terms of profitability, we will continue to develop business efficiency and scalability during the strategy period, without forgetting resources and investments to ensure long-term growth, leading market position and competitiveness.

We continue to see significant growth opportunities in our current core target groups in building services engineering, construction and industrial manufacturing, which we are realizing by continuously developing our sales channel and services. In addition, we adapt to the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic in our operating environment. New areas of investment during the strategy period include making extensive use of the opportunities offered by new cloud-based products, strengthening mobile capabilities and usability, and growing partnerships and collaborative networks.

During the current strategy period, we are more ready to strengthen our business through strategic acquisitions. Through acquisitions, our goal is to strengthen the competitiveness and growth potential of our customer industries, to increase the company’s technological innovation capability and know-how, to ensure a leading market position and to respond to competition, and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the international markets.

In the implementation of our strategy,the focus areas of our operations and critical success factors include pioneering, customer and employee experience, and strengthening ownership. In concrete terms, this means further development of automation and reporting intelligence, mobile features and usability, as well as industry-specific special features. In terms of personnel, we support entrepreneurial service attitude, continuous development of expertise, and cooperation.

Financial goals for strategy season 2021-2023

  • > 20 % revenue growth (on average)
  • 40-50 % EBITDA


Admicom’s vision is to be a pioneer in developing
ERP solutions for SMEs in selected industries.


Admicom’s mission is to improve the competitiveness of its customers by automating their operations and increasing real-time visibility into their own business.

Most advanced solution

Admicom provides the most efficient ERP system and superior services in the industry to selected target groups. The target group is SMEs in building services engineering, construction and manufacturing industry. Admicom’s cloud-based system, designed for industry needs, automates financial management routines and industry specifics better than anyone else.

Market leadership

Admicom offers its software and service packages in a customer-centric manner and is seen as a clear market leader in its own target groups. Admicom is currently the market leader in its core building services engineering target group (customer companies with turnover of EUR 1-5 million), where the company has the longest operating history. Currently Admicom company is growing strongly in the construction segment, which began in 2013, and the company also has significant growth potential in the manufacturing industry that was launched in 2017.

Strong and profitable growth

Admicom aims to continue its strong and profitable growth in the coming years. Our growth strategy is to expand our business not only through organic growth but also through acquisitions in line with our strategy.