Added value to the construction and building sectors value chain

Admicom announced its strategy update on November 2, 2022, according to which the company’s growth strategy focuses on software and value-added services in the value chain of the construction and building sectors. Through strategic direction and specialization, Admicom improves the customer experience, focuses on new sales and enables cross-selling of software solutions to the existing customer base. With the sharpened focus, Admicom will execute internationalization in the vast and growing European construction technology market and utilize the data of the systems to generate added value for its customers.

The strategy has been phased in such a way that in the first phase over the next 1-2 years, Admicom will strengthen the platform for accelerating growth and internationalization. In the second phase, the growth rate will accelerate both in Finland and in selected international markets. In the long term, Admicom’s vision is to become the number one choice as a partner in the European construction software ecosystem.

Strategic targets 2023-2030

  • Admicom aims for a recurring revenue level of EUR 100 million (ARR) by 2030, clearly exceeding the “Rule of 40” target and being present in several European markets.
  • During the first phase of the strategy for 2023-2024, we aim for organic recurring revenue growth of 8-15% and EBITA margin of 35-40%, due to increased growth investments.
  • During the second phase of the strategy, Accelerating Growth, 2025-2030, we aim for more than 15% organic recurring revenue growth and EBITA margin to exceed 40% of revenue.
  • Acquisitions will be an integral part of Admicom’s growth strategy and will contribute to accelerating the company’s overall growth.


Building sustainable future together.


First choice of partner in the European construction software ecosystem.