Our strengths

Why our customers choose us

1. Streamlining customer business

Admicom boosts operational efficiency by automating manual processes and complex integrations. Information flow is fast and seamless from production site to office.

2. Comprehensive solution

Admicom provides construction and building services engineering companies with an extensive software package and service coverage developed for the needs of the industry.

3. Pioneer in software development

Admicom boosts digitalisation in its customer industries by offering highly automated and continuously evolving software solutions. Strong focus to specific customer segments has led to superior solutions.

4. Pure cloud ERP

Customers can use our software in an internet browser anytime and anywhere. Our solutions are modular: customers can choose the most beneficial application combination and scale it along the way.

5. Real time information

Thanks to advanced automation, unique project revenue recognition logic and all in one solution, our solutions are able to produce real time information and the right metrics for business management.

6. Time saving

The combination of modern solutions and advanced automation saves customers time from many routine tasks that are normally burdensome and time-consuming, especially in the office and administration.

Customer reviews

We have helped create many Finnish success stories. Over 150 of them have been published in our customer magazines and our website since 2004.

Viafin Service

”When we are able to manage everything in one software, information is more precise and can be used more efficiently.”

– Patrik Hämälä (CFO) & Eemil Kronqvist (Group Controller)

LTU Group

”Currently we have fewer administrative employees than before, even though our revenue grew almost 4 million euros last year.”

– Malik Bentaieb (CEO)

HSK Sähkö

”Adminet has been one of the prerequisites for our growth to be possible at all.”

– Hannu Kauppi (CEO)